Bamboo Forest Manager

Chapter 67: Dark Evolution

Chapter 67: Dark Evolution

“Ah, how long is this child going to sleep?”

The loud voice of Seo Yerin’s mother from the main door of the second floor set off an alarm in my head.


She seemed puzzled as she stepped in and paused for a moment, but I hurriedly woke Seo Yerin.

“Yah! Yah! Wake up!”


As I untangled Seo Yerin’s arms that were tightly wound around my waist, she sluggishly got up and looked around.

The blanket slipped off, revealing Seo Yerin’s chest, and my face turned red as my eyes inadvertently followed, but I pretended not to notice anything which was being shown and said,

“Your mother is here! She’s outside!”


Startled, she stared at me. It seems she hasn’t yet come to her senses.

“Wow… wow!”

She was exclaiming at the sight of my body, but, I’m sorry, now is not the time for that.

“Wake up! Your mother is here!”

“Wha- Mom?!”

Only now did she seem to hear me, hastily getting up.


Then, realizing that she’s naked, she quickly starts to put on her clothes.

“You-you can’t look!”

“Ah, damn.”

Although we’ve seen everything there is to see, that was an impulsive act done under the influence of alcohol.

So, what I want to say is.

The moment I saw the ample ass of Seo Yerin, who had her back to me and was bending over to put on her sleep pants, my member couldn’t help but harden.


I had no choice but to admit that there’s a reason why so many men fall for Seo Yerin.

Senior Han-kang, the paradise you wanted to see is right here.

It is worth risking your life for.


“Ah! Mom! I’m coming out now! I was just getting dressed!”

At the sound of her mother’s voice, Seo Yerin hurriedly left the room. I, who was hiding under the blanket, also tried to find my clothes that I had shed like a worm last night…


No matter how many times I look around, my clothes are nowhere to be found. Wondering what the situation was, I started to recall yesterday’s events.


They’re outside.

That… I remembered that my clothes were scattered on the living room sofa like a snake skin, where we had started our action.

My mind went blank.

I had to resolve this situation somehow, but I couldn’t think of a way to do it.


“Ah, Mom!”

And, of course.

“Men’s clothes in the living room, men’s size shoes at the entrance.”

At that moment I saw her mother entering the room and looking down at me with a cold stare.

“Ah, hello.”

I greeted her, trying my best to cover myself up.

“Is that our daughter’s blanket?”

It seemed already a minus point that Seo Yerin’s blanket was the only thing available for me to cover myself with.

After getting dressed in the room, when I came out to the living room, Seo Yerin’s mother was waiting, seated on the sofa, and Seo Yerin was kneeling on the floor.

‘My place is over there, then.’

I was about to kneel next to Seo Yerin, but her mother sighed and pointed to a dining chair with her hand.

“Bring a chair over.”


I can sit comfortably then.

“Uh, mom, I too…”


“…really like kneeling.”

Seo Yerin, who immediately backed down and wagged her tail to her mother, turned sullen and hung her head low.

As I brought a chair over and sat down in front of her mother, she went straight to the point.

“Student, your name?”

“Kim Woojin. I’m in the same English department as Seo Yerin.”

“CC (Campus couple), huh?”


There was an uncomfortable echo.

Anyway, I just don’t like the name ‘campus couple’ itself. I don’t like it being shortened to CC either. That’s why I also dislike any anime character named C.C.

“Not really?”

So, you’re asking if Seo Yerin and I are a couple right now. I was at a loss for words.

We did have sex yesterday, but there was no conversation related as to what it was between us.

There was a need to redefine our relationship, but to say we’re not a couple now…

‘Ah, this is driving me crazy.’

Because that would mean hitting rock bottom with her parents’ trust in Seo Yerin.

“Ye-yes, we are.”

Forcing myself to speak, next to me, I saw the corners of Seo Yerin’s lips rise slightly.


Her mother, looking back and forth between Seo Yerin and me, sighs again.

It seems there are various concerns about what we did, so it was some time before she spoke again.

“Both of you are already adults, and since it’s university, I suppose it’s natural to think that way…”

Seo Yerin’s mother earnestly requested something of me.

“Can you break up with her?”


“Stay out of this.”


Unable to withstand the pressure from her mother, Seo Yerin clamped her mouth shut again, and both of them focused their gazes simultaneously on me.

“I might be what is considered to be a conservative, but I still don’t think that Yerin is at the stage to be dating someone.”

“But she’s already an adult?”

When I asked back, her mother nodded and answered,

“Being in a relationship is honestly a bit shocking, but mistakes can happen at this age.”


“I hope Yerin meets a man when she’s older and more mature than she is now.”

At her mother’s words, I couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment. Honestly, I couldn’t deny what she said.

Since I had been badly burned by love in my younger days.

But still.

“I think there are some experiences that can only be had at this age.”


“If you try to control everything too much, you might end up achieving nothing.”

I understand that she’s a precious daughter to them, but excessive repression will likely have a negative impact on Seo Yerin.

Anonymous69 in the Bamboo Forest is one case.

It made me think that not only the views of friends and others, but also family repression must have contributed to it.

“These are my words as someone who has been Seo Yerin’s boyfriend until now.”

About three minutes or so ago?

Was that the duration I have been Seo Yerin’s boyfriend?

“We’re breaking up.”

Goodbye, ex-girlfriend.

Still, you were better than my ex-ex-girlfriend.

Memories briefly flash by, the moment we started dating three minutes ago still vivid in the mind.


Why are you so shocked now?!

We weren’t really dating, after all.

I looked into her mother’s eyes and answered seriously.

“After all, I am just a stranger. The words I just said are just my thoughts. I know that ultimately, you will care about Seo Yerin a lot more than me.”


“So, I will do what you ask of me.”

Her mother stared at me intently, then opened her mouth slightly as if to say something, but she ended up saying nothing.

Seeing that, I assumed she had nothing more to say and stood up from the chair.

“I’m really sorry for the sudden situation you had to witness here… You must have been quite surprised. If there’s a chance to see you again, I’d like to show you a better side of myself.”

“Thank you.”

I wonder what she’s thanking me for.

I bowed entirely low and then walked out.

I hurried outside because I heard her father on the first floor.

‘Wow, I can finally breathe a little easier.’

My chest, which had felt suffocated and blocked, now seemed to feel light.

I decided to grab a bowl of soup from a nearby restaurant on my way home, then go home to shower and sleep.

While eating the soup.

And once again on the way home.

Once more while showering.

And finally, once when I lay down on the bed.


Really thoroughly thought about it.

It’s a bit awkward to say this but.

‘Isn’t this a huge win for me?’

After all, I did sleep with Seo Yerin…

Well, it’s not like it’s super important, but if we really have to weigh the pros and cons, it’s all gain for me, isn’t it?

Since the festival ended yesterday, today is the weekend. Thinking I should really just lie down and sleep all day today, I casually checked my phone.

There were countless messages from Seo Yerin.

“Wow, shit.”

I’ve experienced this once before.

It was exactly like when Anonymous69, whom I manage in the Bamboo Forest, was whining for me to unblock them.

What’s this now?

The atmosphere, compared to the messages just above, feels infinitely lighter, and a little awkward too?

Wouldn’t she be furious, asking why we’re messaging when we’ve just broken up?

Sending a crying hamster emoticon is just so Seo Yerin.

The moment I saw that message, I realized I might have been wrong.

‘Ah, it was Seo Yerin’s first time.’

She was one who had her first experience with me, so of course, there would be interest in what happens next. Now is the time she would be most curious about me, but I lacked consideration for her.

I didn’t send any messages.

As soon as I called, Seo Yerin picked up before the dial tone even started.

“Ah! Woojinnn!”

Her voice was already dripping with cuteness.

“But, about yesterday.”

The story I was about to tell wasn’t a very pleasant one.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I should have held back more. We’re nothing to each other, yet we did it because we were drunk and intoxicated beyond control.”


“I feel bad thinking it could have been a precious memory for you, and I ruined it without consideration.”


“I’m sorry. You can be angry, curse me, or even hit me later if you want.”

For a second,

only the sound of her breathing could be heard over the phone.

“It was me who seduced you though?”

Seo Yerin bluntly stated.

“Why are you sorry? I should be the one apologizing. I made you do it with someone you have no feelings for.”


“Woojin, don’t worry too much. I also consider you a precious friend, so I don’t want to lose you.”

“I-is that so?”

“Yes, so don’t worry. Let’s get along well again as friends from Monday.”

What’s this?

She’s accepting this all too easily.

“Ah, because we had sex, does that mean we’re not just any friends but sex friends?”

“…Let’s, let’s just be friends.”

It seems like Seo Yerin had grown a step from within. Whether that was good or bad, I wasn’t yet sure.

Is this what they called a dark evolution?

“Then see you later, Woojin. You must be tired, sleep well.”



As soon as the call ended, a hollow silence ensued. I felt that something was wrong and shivered from a chill.

“I should turn the electric mat on.”

As soon as I turned the electric mat to full and covered myself with a blanket, I was able to sleep soundly.


After ending the call, Seo Yerin gently placed her phone on her chest and closed her eyes.

Seo Yerin brought it up to her nose because the aftereffects of their sex still strongly lingered on her bed and blanket.


At first, it was definitely painful like everyone said it would be.

Was it because she was not completely drunk?

The pain quickly subsided, and a wonderful pleasure naturally flowed into her body.

It was a much more satisfying time than she thought. It felt like a dream, as if she could return to that moment if she fell asleep again now.

What Kim Woojin thought about the sex wasn’t really important to her.

What’s important is.

It was important that Kim Woojin had succumbed to her temptation yesterday.

If he fell once, he could fall again, and that was human nature.



After Kim Woojin had left.

“He’s a good kid,”

she said, leaving her remark.

But none of that was important to her now. Seo Yerin had just experienced a turning point in her life last night.

And it was with someone better than she imagined, at a time better than she imagined too.


Chasing down his lingering scent on the blanket with her nose, as if writhing.

“I want to do it again.”

Seo Yerin promised herself there would be a next time.

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