Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 4750 - 4750: Worried

Chapter 4750: Worried

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The moment Liu Buyan’s words came out, Xuan Jiuling didn’t have any reaction but Huang Yueli’s brows creased as she immediately spoke out: ” Senior Brother, you guys want to stay in Snowflake City?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head but after a while, he shook his head,” Uh, to be precise, I intend to stay in Snowflake City so I wonder what Young Miss Xuan plans to do?”

As he spoke, he turned to look at Xuan Qingling.

Xuan Qingling naturally understood that Liu Buyan was thinking for her.

To her, if she could stay by Xuan Jiuling’s side and let this Elder, who had always been known for his fairness and never participated in the family’s internal strife, investigate the truth behind the scenes, it would definitely be the most beneficial for her.

After all, for the sake of the family, Xuan Jiuling would ensure her safety no matter what. Even if she really eloped with someone, she would not be punished too severely.

But Liu Buyan was different. He was a human and he was carrying the crime of abducting a Black Tortoise Clan’s genius so staying under the surveillance of so many Black Tortoise Clan’s clansmen in Snowflake City wasn’t safe at all.

” I’ll stay in Snowflake City for medical treatment,” Xuan Qingling said.” However, Young Master Liu, you don’t have to stay here.” In the past, you had to stay and take care of me because you were worried that I would fall ill on the way, but now there’s no need. You can follow Sacred Phoenix… Young Miss Li and the others are going to train together, why waste time staying?”

“That’s right.” Huang Yueli immediately continued: ” Senior Brother, it’s better for you to come with us. My husband and I are planning to visit an old friend. He will be back in about ten days. He is also quite accomplished in medicine. Come with us.”

Liu Buyan was stunned,” But if I were to leave just like this, Lord Divine General’s side…”lightsnovel

“We can set a date to meet with Divine General Xuan. I believe that with my husband and I as your guarantee, would Divine General not be at ease?”

Huang Yueli said as she glanced at Xuan Jiuling.

She said that on purpose to test Xuan Jiuling’s attitude.

However, to her disappointment, Xuan Jiuling didn’t agree immediately. Instead, he looked troubled.” Young Miss Li, I know what you’re worried about, but the truth hasn’t been found out yet, and the two of you have already taken Young Master Liu away without even telling me where they’re going. This… I can’t explain this to the clan.”

Huang Yueli’s little face turned stiff and just as she was about to say something, Liu Buyan had already spoken first,” Junior Sister, alright, I appreciate your good intentions but I’d better stay. Since the Divine General Xuan has already promised not to harm me, he will definitely keep his promise. You don’t have to worry too much. My strength is weak. If I follow you to train, I’m afraid I’ll drag you down.”

When Huang Yueli heard this, her brows immediately knitted together.

But when she saw Liu Buyan’s gaze that was sent over to her, she was stunned for a moment as she suddenly understood.

It seemed that her Senior Brother was just an excuse. He was not afraid of implicating them, but… He was worried about Xuan Qingling!

Thinking of this point, Huang Yueli narrowed her eyes and changed the topic,” Since Senior Brother insists, then we can only respect your opinion. But I’m still worried…”

” How about this, Young Miss Li?” Xuan Jiuling hurriedly said.” I swear on my cultivation that no matter what the results of the investigation are, I will ensure Young Master Liu’s safety. Before you and Young Master Li return, I will not let anyone hurt even a single strand of hair on his head!”

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