Reincarnated as an Energy with a System

Chapter 1437 Holder Of Life

Ning handed over the jewelry box to Tim, who happily took it and opened it. He excitedly checked what was inside the box, only to find nothing at all.

There was a soft, cushion-like bulging space, around where a necklace or some sort of jewelry would be placed. Tim had expected the box to come with said jewelry, and there was none inside.

"Is this it?" he asked Ning, just to be on the safe side.

"Oh yeah, that is it," Ning said. "There is nothing inside if that is what you are wondering. The box itself is the treasure."

"I see," Tim said and held the box tightly. He took a deep breath and prepared to use it, only to stop.

"I can use it right now, right?" he asked. "There is no danger given where we are?"

"Oh no," Ning said. "You will learn what the treasure is the moment you bond to it. You should be able to tell what you should do and shouldn't do at that point."

Tim nodded and activated it.

The other 3 people in the room beside him watched him close his eyes for a moment before opening it. Noting happened in that period at all.

"Holy… shit!" he cried out loud.

"What? What?" Jasmine asked. She wanted to know what it was that she had missed due to not landing on heads.

"This… how is this possible?" Tim asked. His eyes were wider than the moment when he was told he could become the Pope if he wished to. The treasure in his hand was more important to him than the fact that he could become the pope.

Ning smiled. "I told you that you would want it," he said. "It is incredible, isn't it?"

"Forget incredible," Tim said. "This is… this is beyond incredible. This is amazing."

lightsnοvεl Ning nodded, feeling proud of himself.

"Okay…" Tony said slowly. "Way to hype up your treasure. Would you mind telling us what it does now that you've bonded it?"

Tim looked toward Ning. "It is your choice," he said. "You can choose to remain quiet and not tell them what it does. Given how incredible the treasure is, I can imagine even these two would be jealous enough to kill you to take it from you."

"Hey!" Jasmine said quickly. "I'm not a person like that. I steal, but I don't hurt."

Tony looked at her. "You steal?" he asked before shaking his head and looking at Tim. "If you don't trust us, you don't have to protect us."

"No, I will," Tim said. "I don't think either of them will let slip this information or anything."

Ning nodded.lightsnovel

"Although, I wish to ask," Tim said. "Why did you not take this box? Even if it is you, this is just… this is life-changing."

"I don't need it," Ning said with a smile. "Everything you can get from there, I already have."

Tim's eyes widened in shock. "What exactly are you? Are you sure you're not Zurinus yourself?" he asked.

Ning chuckled. "I've told you before, I am no god," he said. "If you're gonna tell them about it, tell them. Although, I suggest you name it first. Since no one had had the treasure to themselves before, you should name it."

Tim thought for a moment and nodded. "Naming this thing, huh?" he said. "That feels like an impossible task."

Everyone waited as he kept pondering about the name for a while and said, "Holder of Life."

"Holder of Life?" Tony asked. "That thing holds life?" "It's one of the things it holds," Tim said. His head whipped back to Ning. "Sir Ning, can I get the book? I want to have the book tell us what it does."

"Sure," Ning said and brought out the gold-rimmed book, the Book of Treasures.

Tim quickly opened a random page and placed the jewelry box on it. Then, he placed his palm on the book and activated it.

Instantly, a 2-dimensional image of the box appeared on the top of the page with its new name written right below it.

Holder of Life

A Jewelry box that can hold many things that the owner can choose to give up at the moment to use at a later period. There are exactly 7 different aspects of life that one can choose to store in this box and they are as follows.

1. Youthfulness: by choosing to store their youthfulness in this box, the owner can become old at the moment. When they require it, they can use the stored youthfulness at a later time to become young once again.

2. Strength: by choosing to store their strength in this box, the owner can become weak at the moment. When they require it, they can use the stored strength at a later time when they require the strength.

3. Time: by choosing to store the time they experience in this box, the owner can experience the world at a fast pace. When they require it, they can choose to use the stored time, in which instance they can experience the world at a much slower pace.

4. Weight: by choosing to store weight in the box, the owner can become very light at the moment. Later on, when they require it, they can choose to use the stored weight to make themselves heavier.

5. Health: by choosing to store health in the box, the owner can choose to become sick at the moment. Later on, when they are naturally sick or hurt, they can choose to use the health they stored to make themselves healthy again, to the point that they can even regenerate missing organs.

6. Mental Aptitude: by choosing to store their smartness in the box, the owner can become mentally inept at the moment. Later on, when they require it, they can use the stored mental prowess to become extremely smart.

7. Memories: by choosing to store their memories, the owner can forget about recent events. Later on, when needed, they can choose to view the memory as soon as they want to and over and over as long as they want.

The Owner is capable of storing everything at once.

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