Rise of the Devourer

Book 3: Chapter 47 — Wyvern Heart Pt. 2

Book 3: Chapter 47 — Wyvern Heart Pt. 2

Noah let out a breath, steam rising from his mouth as abyssal inferno rose in fury, storing abyssal flames inside his body. Tony changed, forming armor on his body and claws on his eyes and his eyes transformed, the draconian pupils sharpening even further, the visage of a demon looking back.

Noah knew what his powers were like. Despite how much he made an attempt to take them as a joke or in a light way, there was something deeply wrong with him on the inside. This joy, this thrill, this glory, the beating of his heart inside his chest.

It was like he could not feel alive outside of these moments.

In these moments, he found his identity slipping, and the monster inside slipping through the cracks of his human facade. But that was fine. That was also who he was. And in this moment, he let that sensation consume him in its entirety.

[Metamorphosis] has activated.

All attributes doubled for 120 seconds.

Noah shed his human skin, the demon lurking inside bathing in the light as he transformed. Wings erupted from his back, his form changing to abandon any semblance of humanity.

He forgot his spear, forgot his training and his abilities. In this moment, he was here, he was alive, and he had a prey he needed to kill.

Noah rushed forward.

Lightning erupted across the world, a storm of strikes flashing all across the arena as the thunder wyvern roared. Its wings spanned out, bolts of lightning spreading out, before a pulse of lightning spread out in a circle.

Noah teleported, arriving directly in front of the creature as he punched the giant wyvern. The moment his strike hit, Noah unleashed an abyssal inferno through his first, the strike turning into a shotgun blast as it staggered back the giant wyvern.

Predator’s Mark manifested on the thunder wyvern, and Noah instinctually could feel the creature’s weaknesses. His aura swerved outwards, Wyrm’s curse stacking on top of the thunder wyvern as Noah summoned bloodwyrm swarm, the little bloodwyrm biting at the wyverns body and feet tying it up.

Noah summoned his specters, two of them manifesting immediately as he began to teleport around the creature. Weapons shone around his specters, shooting forward and striking the wyvern.

He continued to switch places with them, constantly jumping between strikes as he charged a beam of energy through void annihilation before shooting it towards the thunder wyvern.

The giant creature screamed, the strike knocking it sideways, before it roared and spread its wings in anger. It gathered lightning in its mouth before breathing bolts of lightning all around the area.

Noah dodged as his specters evaporated, the ground sizzling and charring from the fury of the attack as the air smelled of ozone and storm. The wyvern roared, before slamming its jaw towards Noah with a snapping surge of power as a bolt of lightning struck Noah launching him back.

Noah flew, crashing into the wall as the stone behind him shattered and cracked. Blood poured down his face, soaking his body but he got no time to recover as the wyvern lunged towards him and slammed into where he was.

Reacting on instinct Noah grabbed the wyvern’s giant teeth, pushing down at the maw trying to clamp down on him and eat him with all the strength he had. He saw sparks gathering in the creature’s throat inside, its aura suppressing Noah’s ability to teleport this close in.

Noah roared, pushing upwards as he grabbed a fang and twisted, tearing it out. The wyvern roared in pain, and Noah jumped back out, teleported up to the wyvern’s face. Reaching ahead Noah raised the fang up in the air as he slammed it into the wyvern’s eye.

Lightning burst forth like a storm, striking down onto the wyvern itself as Noah’s world went white. For a long second he only saw a white blurred haze, hearing his ears ringing, the next second, hsi senses returned and he saw his health in the red, his body charred and burned.

It took him a moment to realize what had happened.

The hive… it had struck the wyvern itself. To take both of them. Noah pulled himself up to his feet, spitting burnt blood from his mouth. Steam erupted from his body as wyrmblood rapidly began to heal him and Tony covered his broken areas of armor, rapidly removing the effects of the electricity pulsing in his nervous system

Noah watched the wyvern, now with one eye and mad beyond belief as it glared down at him. Noah grinned maniacally.

Metamorphosis: 60 seconds remain.

“An eye for an eye. But you took my life, and so I will take yours,” Noah said and the wyvern howled, as if it understood his words, and then the creature rose in the skies. Its massive wings flapped, and lightning surged across its body, Noah watched the creature spin through the cavern, a giant claw of lightning slashing at Noah as it swooped downwards.

Noah teleported, using an Arcane step to jump onto the wyvern’s back, dodging the attack as the massive creature howled. And then it spun, before crashing through the entrance and rushing outwards.

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Noah rose into the sky, the thunder wyvern howling and roaring as they moved towards the stormy clouds crackling with lightning up above. Noah held on desperately, feeling lightning coursing into him from the creatures body, he found his grip slipping as he was pulled back and he desperately flung himself, grabbing a scale on the wyvern’s back as it roared once more, lightning bursting all around it.

Gritting his teeth, and feeling singes burning his entire body, Noah clawed himself up. The wyvern swerved twisted as it tried to flung off Noah, but he’d spend weeks sticking himself to the night shade’s back. Noah clung on, climbing the wyvern’s back, moving towards its head as the creature roared.

The wyvern howled, starting to grow desperate. Noah sensed it now, the creature’s fear, as it began to move with more brash and wide movements. It gathered lightning in its mouth, shooting it up into the clouds, letting out a screech for help.

Noah dug his claws in, punching the creature on its back with power strikes as he moved and the wyvern thrashed. Then, a moment later, the clouds above rumbled and Noah paused, a strong sense of alarm filling his body.

He looked up and saw the clouds gathering for another strike, ready to shoot. He didn’t have any time, he had to move immediately.

Noah teleported, moving off the wyvern as he arrived above it, the wyvern immediately opened its mouth to eat Noah but he aimed his hands downwards and let a charged blast of void annihilation and abyssal inferno loose inside the creature’s throat.

The thunder wyvern blasted his own bolt of lightning, the two strikes colliding mid air and exploding in a pulsing shockwave of mana that flung them both off.

The next instant, clouds struck down with a bolt of lightning as wide as a pillar.


The world turned silent against the deafening noise, and Noah felt himself lose consciousness for a long moment once more. When he opened his eyes, metamorphosis had deactivated, his health was down to 10% and he was falling from the skies.

But he was alive.

He turned, watching the thunder wyvern falling as well, the creature’s one wing had ripped off and been burned down to its bones, with sickly charred flesh sticking to it, and one side of its body was a sizzled patched mesh of burnt flesh from where the bolt of lightning had hit it, as it desperately tried to fly but could not.

The creature thrashed desperately, bursting lightning from all around it, and Noah dove in moving closer. The wyvern howled as it realized Noah was here, responsible for all of this, and it began to madly attack with everything it had.

Still low on health and without metamorphosis, a single strike would kill Noah immediately, but he went in anyway, slamming his fist down onto the wyverns maw. Swinging around, Noah found a slash from the wyvern’s claw nearly ripped his body in shreds as he felt a warning flash in front of him.

Warning! Health down to 5%

[Wyrmblood] has activated.

Health regeneration increased by 500% temporarily.

Noah mouth the creatures maw once again snapping at him, but this time, Noah turned, slamming the wyvern. His flesh knit itself back, his bones snapping into place as lifeforce surged inside of him and Noah grabbed the Wyvern throat around in a hug.

The wyvern roared, trying to get rid of him, but Noah remained, and then, he roared, as he began to squeeze. The wyvern thrashed, growing more and more desperate as Noah’s muscles ached and his body was strung tight.

He continued to grasp, his arms bleeding and his muscles feeling like they would tear from the force of it. He screamed with all he had, and then, he felt something give, as the throat of the creature shattered in his arms.

Noah felt the thunder wyvern shudder one last time, before going limp. Noah’s body was on the brink of collapse and as the tension drained from him, he realized how fast the ground was approaching beneath him.

Noah tried to focus himself, he bit his lips, hoping to teleport into the trees to break his fall, he took out a B grade mana stone as a desperate attempt to maybe keep himself alive, but before he could crunch on the stone and hope for the best, he heard a shriek from nearby.

A dark figure swung across the sky, snatching him from within the air. Noah twisted, trying to free himself for a long second, before he realized who had caught him.

He looked up and saw the nightshade flapping its wings, before it swung Noah up, tossing up onto its back and then let out a roar of victory as the creature turned around and swung slowed down its descent.

The corpse of the thunder wyvern crashed within the trees, falling onto the ground, joining the myriad of corpses that littered the area now.

Noah watched the scene, panting, barely awake and alive. The wyverns continued to fight, but the thunder wyverns had considerably thinned out. The sky wyvern hive had also began to retreat, having accomplished its task of damaging and striking at the wyvern forces.

The shade wyvern flew around the area, before swooping down next to the corpse of the thunder wyvern. The creature raised its head, letting out a howl of victory that other wyverns from nearby returned.

Noah stumbled off the wyverns back, looking at the giant corpse in front of him. Battered and broken, he still had taken the creature down.

As Noah walked closer though, he realized he’d made a mistake.

That was no corpse.

He watched the thunder wyvern, its breaths slow and rasp, its body broken and shattered. But it was alive. After everything, despite all it had suffered, it was still alive.

The creature eyed Noah, as he walked up to it, and he no longer saw any hate inside the wyvern’s eye. No anger, nothing. It knew it had lost. It had accepted it.

There was a strange sense of respect that Noah felt in that moment. An acknowledgement towards his enemy.

“You were strong. Thank you,” Noah said, as he plunged his hand into the wyvern’s chest. The wyvern shrieked one last time, as Noah grasped at the creature’s heart, ripping it out.

Notifications flashed once more.

You’ve killed [Adult Thunder Wyvern (Legendary) - Lvl 432]

[Wyrmblood Guardian] has reached level 200!

[Runebody Arcanist] has reached level 200!

[Abyssal Predator] has reached level 200!

You can rank up!

Noah looked out at the wyvern’s heart in his hand.

A grin rose on his face, and raising his head, he let out a loud roar into the skies. The wyverns roared back with him.

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