Superstar From Age 0

Chapter 410:

Chapter 410:

Seo-jun and Blue Moon arrived at Cocoa Entertainment early in the morning for their summer vacation.

They widened their eyes as they entered the empty conference room on the second floor where Blue Moon's practice room was located.

There were rows of desks and chairs inside.

“Should we move the desks a little apart?”

“It would be better to avoid disturbing each other.”

They heard a conversation from inside the conference room, and then two staff members from Team 2 came in with a four-tier bookshelf and some books in their hands.

They smiled at Seo-jun and headed inside.

Seo-jun blinked.

“Are they already here?”

The team leader of Team 1 greeted Seo-jun and Blue Moon with a smile.

“What's all this, team leader?”

Seo-jun asked, and the team leader pointed at the conference room where the desks and chairs were placed.

“It's better to see for yourself than to explain. Let's go in.”

They followed the team leader into the conference room and saw six desks arranged in a face-to-face manner in the center of the room.

There were two four-tier bookshelves on one side of the wall, and the staff members from Team 2 were organizing the books on them.


Seo-jun and Blue Moon exclaimed at the sudden appearance of a study room.

As if to show that it used to be a conference room, there was a whiteboard on the opposite wall of the bookshelves, and next to it was a shelf with a printer and some A4 papers.

One of the staff members from Team 1 brought some stationery items such as pens, pencils, and erasers, and placed them neatly on the shelf where the printer was.

“What is all this, team leader?”

The team leader answered Seo-jun's question with a smile.

“You said you wanted to create your own work this time, right?”

He was surprised when he heard that news from Da Ho.

An actor creating his own work from scratch.

But he thought it was not impossible, considering that some actors also directed their own works.

‘Although those cases are rarely successful.’

He was curious and looked it up, and found out that there were some actors who also directed their works and even entered film festivals abroad.

He thought Seo-jun could do anything if he could do that.

He was young and inexperienced, but he was also young when he won the Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards.

‘Seo-jun can do it well.’

He had that baseless faith in him.

Seo-jun nodded at the team leader's words.


“Da Ho told me that you will also practice dancing regularly with Team 2. It would be a hassle to go back and forth between your practice room on the third floor. And Blue Moon needs to think about lyrics too, so I thought it wouldn't be bad to prepare a place for you.”


Seo-jun looked around the conference room again.

The desks were wider than the school desks, and the chairs looked nice.

He sat down on one of them, and Kim Si-hoon spun him around.

“Hehehe. The chairs are awesome, right?”

One of the four-tier bookshelves had books related to lyric writing.

Choi Jae-won, baek Yi-hyun, and Jung Eun-sung looked at them with curious eyes. Some of the books had signs of use.

“Those are books that some of White and Red Crown kids who are interested in lyric writing read. We got them from Team 3.”

The staff members from Team 1 said, and Blue Moon's eyes sparkled.

“There are books related to composing too?”

“You can read them if you’re interested. You might have some hidden talent. These are books recommended by A&R team, and these are books recommended by Ye-jun.”

The staff members explained, and Blue Moon looked at the bookshelves with wonder.

The other bookshelf had SF novels that were sent to Seo-jun and some SF-related materials that Team 2 staff members printed out.

There was still some empty space left.

“We’ll arrange the books we ordered as soon as they arrive.”

“Da Ho hyung!”

Seo-jun, who was looking at the books with sparkling eyes, turned around at Da Ho's voice.

He seemed to have more books to bring, as his arms were full of them.

“Do you have a laptop at home? It would be hard to write and edit the script by hand, so you can use your laptop. If you prefer a desktop, I can install one for you.”

“No, a laptop is fine.”

Da Ho smiled and put the books on the floor.

He sorted out the books with titles that seemed familiar, such as character creation, trauma, emotional changes, and how to make episodes.

Some of them also had signs of use.

“Who read these books?”

“They are books recommended by the writers and directors. They were all surprised when you said you were going to make a play from scratch. Writer Yu Cheonga gave us a lot of them.”

Unlike other writers or directors who had been in the field for a long time and had almost no books they studied at first, writer Yu Cheonga, who debuted last year with [Spring Has Returned], had quite a lot of introductory books.

“I should thank her.”

“That would be nice. They all said to contact them anytime if you have any questions or difficulties.”

Seo-jun smiled and nodded at Da Ho's words.


It was summer vacation and he had more time, but his days became busier with the new schedule of ‘script work’.

‘Hmm. I wanted to go to school when I had time…’

But he thought he wouldn't be able to go until the script was finished, as his schedule was filled with dance practice-script work-dance practice-script work-home.

He had already informed his teacher, so there was no problem.

“Next is Jae-won hyung, Ee-deun, and Seo-jun!”

At Kim Si-hoon's words, seo-jun and the two others switched places with Jung Eun-sung and Baek Yi-hyun who were dancing until then.

They took their positions in the center of the practice room.

They formed a V shape, with Park Ee-deun and Choi Jae-won in front and Seo-jun alone behind them. It was an easy position to follow the people in front.


The music started and Seo-jun moved at the same time as Park Ee-deun and Choi Jae-won who were reflected in the mirror.

Seo-jun's eyes scanned Park Ee-deun's movements.

He matched his steps and rhythm with Park Ee-deun's perfectly, not missing even the timing and movement of his fingertips and toes.


The sound of lightly tapping the floor of the practice room was heard.

The sound of stepping on the beat was almost identical.

Next was Choi Jae-won who was dancing next to him.

Seo-jun copied Choi Jae-won's choreography as if he was printing it out, adjusting his strength and weakness as he continued his upper body movements.

He raised his arms at the most prominent and straight angle and folded them down at the right timing.

As Seo-jun, Park Ee-deun, and Choi Jae-won danced in perfect sync, Kim Si-hoon, who was in charge of Blue Moon's main dancer and practice leader, clapped his hands with a wide smile.

“Good job! You all match perfectly now. Jae-won hyung, you don't make mistakes on the same part anymore.”

“Really? That's good.”

The choreography that Seo-jun and Blue Moon were practicing now was for song number 37.

The trainers and choreography team who were supposed to watch their practice were busy modifying the dance for the completed song.

The part increased by one and the sixth melody changed a lot, so there were quite a few parts to fix.

So Seo-jun and Blue Moon were still practicing with song number 37’s choreography.

They practiced in groups of three or all six together, then Choi Jae-won breathed heavily and opened his mouth.

“Shall we take a break?”

At that, seo-jun and Blue Moon nodded their heads and moved their steps.

Their destination was the study room on the same floor.

Song number 37’s choreography was familiar enough, so Seo-jun and Blue Moon headed to the study room for lyric writing and creation whenever they had a break from dance practice.

“I think it would be better to unify the pronouns. Usually they use ‘you’ or ‘thou’ a lot…”

Blue Moon members nodded at Choi Jae-won's words.

The whiteboard on one side of the study room was filled with words.

They were all about Blue Moon's lyric writing.

They needed some rules to unify all the lyrics, even though they had to put their own lyrics in each part, since it was one song.

Seo-jun, who sat at the back seat, twirled his pen and looked at the paper full of letters.

There was no limit to his imagination, since the genre was SF.

‘But there are too many, right?’

Following the book's advice to come up with as many ideas as possible, seo-jun wrote down all the materials he could think of without considering the limitation of being a high school play.

Aliens, spaceships, planets, and other space-related materials, as well as magic, time machines, time loops, and other supernatural-related materials.

Seo-jun scratched his cheek.

The biggest problem he thought of when he decided to write the script himself was the material for the work.

He worried about what to do if he couldn't come up with a good idea, but once he held the pen, various ideas popped up.

Now there were too many to choose from.

‘It won't be easy to pick one…’

But there was another problem.

Script work was not just about coming up with materials.

He had to come up with a story that matched the materials, but those ‘stories’ also flowed out like water, just like the materials.

Of course, it was a very good thing for Seo-jun who became a scenario writer.

‘If only they weren't so familiar…’

He frowned and read the short summaries he wrote.

He felt like he had seen them somewhere, no matter how many times he read them.

“Can't you think of any stories?”

On their way home after work.

Da Ho quietly watched Seo-jun who couldn't take his eyes off the paper and asked.

“No, it's not that.”

“Then what?”

“The stories I thought of seem familiar. But I can't remember where I saw them.”


Da Ho's expression also became serious.

It wouldn't matter if it didn't sell well.

Not everyone could do well from the start. It would be regrettable, but it wouldn't affect Seo-jun's future as an actor.

But plagiarism was a big problem.

Even if it was unintentional plagiarism.

Like Yeoul Arts Middle School's graduation performance, Mirinae Arts High School's graduation performance would also be uploaded on YouTube and many people would see it.

Someone would surely recognize it.

The aftermath was horrible to imagine.

It would have a huge impact on Seo-jun's career and also be a big obstacle for his future endeavors.

“Is it from a movie or a drama?”

“Then I would remember the actors…”

Seo-jun who watched the actors’ acting in detail when he watched a work, if he couldn't remember the actors…

Then it probably wasn't from a work with actors in it.

“A book?”

“It feels like a book… but I also have a feeling of seeing images…”

But as he said earlier, he couldn't remember any actors.

“Hmm. You don't have more than ten stories in mind, right? They can't all come from one book…”

“That's what I'm saying. If I read ten books, I would remember at least one. Why can't I remember any?”

“Did you search for it?”

Seo-jun shook his head vigorously at Da Ho's question.

“The materials are similar, but there is no same or even similar content.”

In the end, he couldn't remember where he saw them.

Seo-jun and Da Ho arrived at Seo-jun's house with uneasy faces.

“I’ll ask Team 2 tomorrow.”

“Okay. I’ll try to think hard too. Be careful. Da Ho hyung.”

Seo-jun waved his hand at the departing car and moved his steps.

He sighed in the elevator going up.

“I hope it's not plagiarism…”

That night, when he fell asleep with a worried face.

As usual, he sat at the desk prepared in the Library of Life and read his previous lives’ books. He realized something.

“These are my stories!?”

He jumped up from his seat and looked around the Library of Life full of bookshelves with a surprised expression.

‘Oh my god.’

He felt like he had seen them somewhere,


The stories that came to him naturally were all from here.

“No wonder…!”

Even though it felt like reading a book, he also had images in his mind.

Just like when you watch a movie and then read the script of that movie, you naturally recall a scene from the movie, or when you read your diary and remember your old memories, seo-jun also recalled some scenes from his previous lives as images.

The stories that Seo-jun thought of for his play were all from the books here, and the books here were all his previous lives, so even if he didn't remember well, they were Seo-jun's own stories.

“Then I don't have to worry about plagiarism!”

He relaxed and leaned back on his chair.

With a comfortable chair and a comfortable mind, a smile naturally formed on his face.


He suddenly thought of something.

“Are these real? Or fiction?”

He laughed at his previous lives that could be called fiction without any problem.

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